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The company "Dniprooliya" was founded in 2009 as a project of building an oil-extraction plant (OEP) that recycles oil cultivations into plant oil and oil meal.

For realization of this work an area was chosen situated in the city Krivoy Rog, in 3, Kolomoytsevskaya Street. This territory belonged earlier to one House -building company.

The reconstruction included some stages which consisted of pulling down of some objects, of a new building, and, accordingly, of the reconstruction itself, the re-equipment and equipment of existing objects.

First stage was completed in 2012 with a successful launch of the enterprise.

The second stage intends to be fulfilled in 2016 and afterwards to start the third stage this year.

Territory of the enterprise (16ha) is comfortably located in an industrial area in Krivoy Rog, in Saksaganskiy District. It has very convenient driveways, which are still in a process of being improved.

The company owns a well-developed infrastructure, an industrial and transport internal logistics.

During several successful years of working the company has achieved an output into international markets to sell its complete products, has won the trust and the image of a responsible partner, has succeeded in establishing of canals to deliver raw materials, has built solidarity of a manufacturing team. It's also gained an effective work of technological processes.

Company has appeared due to foreign and Ukrainian funds.

The members of the company take a very active part in its actions.