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The main goal of “Dniprooliya” LLC is production of high quality oil and fat products with perfect consumer features for satisfaction of all requirements and expectations of our consumers and partners.

The high specialized staff of the manufacturing company “Dniprooliya” LLC has a 10 year of trade experience that helped it to prepare its own high-quality raw materials base. (Krivoy Rog city was chosen as a place for construction due to availability of raw materials: there are enough quantity of sunflower fields and sufficient number of oil-pressing factories in 100 kilometers area around the plant to satisfy the daily need of enterprise in the raw material base).

The raw material base is concentrated in ecological areas of Ukraine: on the fields of Mykolaiv, Odessa, Kirovograd and other regions of Central and South parts of Ukraine. The main advantage that territories for sunflower fields are ecological. The specialists of our company and independent experts provide the constant monitoring and control of the environment.

Moreover, the plant is situated conveniently on intersection of railway and automobile ways.

It is reasonable to highlight the experience of trading companies that operates on domestic and foreign markets when we talk about the 10 year of trade experience. Our managers became the specialists in the process of getting the trade experience working as traders and during the process of composing of a huge knowledge base of all aspects of oil and fat sphere. Our marketing program is based on the experience and knowledge of agricultural complex and specialized in animal husbandry and poultry farming.

The “Dniprooliya” LLC use the modern technology of processing the raw material into the final goods. Due to this fact, the goods produced by our enterprise have favorable differences from the analogues represented in Ukraine.

It is reasonable to highlight that produced goods create the great competition for other market leaders.

We gained the trust of our clients and partners through providing the qualitative and on time logistic of goods to all parts of the world and exactly in time.

The main goal of our company is to satisfy the needs of most demanding clients and to create the optimal business environment for all our partners. We have the confidential relations with all our partners that we are appreciate and proud with.

The main principles of our work:

·         Constant improvement of the Quality Management System, aimed for anticipating consumer expectations;

·         Improvement of the Quality Management System by setting targets aimed to improve all kinds of activities;

·         Implementation of new technologies and equipment ( latest technologies will minimize the production impact on the environment );

·         Continuous trainings and staff development;

·         Creation of working environment that allows all employees fully participate in the process of improving the quality of the product.

The main distinctive feature of our company is that we use the equipment with high efficiency in the oil and fat production, as well as:

·         Application of advanced technologies;

·         Getting of sunflower meal with high protein content;

·         Production of high quality sunflower oil;

·         Energy conservation.