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Sunflower oil


Crude sunflower oil has a pleasant smell and taste.

Density at 10 ° C 920-927 kg / m3

Pour point -16 to -19 ° C


  • -стеариновая 1,6—4,6
  • -пальмитиновая 3,5—6,4
  • -миристиновая до 0,1
  • -арахиновая 0,7—0,9


The "Dniprooliya" LLC produces first grade unrefined sunflower oil.

Our products satisfy all the requirements of DSTU 4492: 2005 "Sunflower oil. TU ". We produce it on the modern import equipment with strict observance of all the requirements of the technological process.

Our own high-technological laboratory that equipped with high-precision measuring appliances makes control of raw materials and finished products quality.

All of these advantages allow us to produce the sunflower oil of excellent quality and at competitive price.

Crude sunflower oil is characterized by the following organoleptic features:

  • has a high nutritional and biological value, contains no extraneous taste and bitterness;
  • the qualitative characteristics of the oil corresponds to the premium class;
  • it is a perfect source of replenishment of the human body in trace elements and biologically active substances;
  • has the pleasant smell and taste, natural color and perfect consistency.